Business Creation

Undertake with Security and Confidence

Starting a business project is an important step. In MINCEB ASESORES S.L., we guide you from the conception of your idea to its materialization, advising you on the best legal form that suits your goals and needs. Our experience guarantees you a clear vision on essential variables such as tax optimization, possibility of obtaining grants, asset protection and much more.

Incorporation of Companies

A Streamlined and Uncomplicated Process

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to starting a business. That is why we offer a fast and efficient process for the incorporation of companies.

    Application for Corporate Name

    Application for corporate name in the Mercantile Registry.

    Drafting of Corporate Bylaws

    We create the legal foundations of your company, ensuring that they reflect your objectives and needs.

    Deed of Incorporation before a Notary Public and obtaining of the Tax ID number

    We carry out the legal formalization of your company, obtaining the Tax Identification Code.

    Property Transfer Tax Settlement

    We manage the filing and liquidation of the relevant taxes in an efficient manner.

    Registration in the Mercantile Registry

    We make sure that your company is duly registered and legalized.

    Registrations with the Tax Agency and Competent Bodies

    We take care of all the paperwork so that your company is ready to operate legally.

    Processing of Grants and Subsidies

    We research and advise you on the financing opportunities available for your business project.


    We are with you every step of the way in the creation of your company. From the initial dream to the tangible reality, MC ASESORES is your strategic ally to guarantee a solid and successful start.

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