Legal Services

No Te La Juegues, Specialized Legal Counseling

At MINCEB ASESORES S.L., we understand that the legal field can be complicated and overwhelming. Therefore, we provide access to experts in different areas of law to solve all your doubts and needs, both personal and business.

Customer benefits

Inclusive Legal Services

Thanks to our structure, our clients have access to professional legal services in our facilities, even if these consultations are not related to the management assigned to our law firm.

Personalized Attention

All cases are handled on an individual basis, providing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Customers

Being a client of MINCEB ASESORES S.L. has its advantages. Through a Collaboration Agreement, we offer significant discounts on professional fees, with no additional costs for consultations.

Areas of specialization

Civil Law

We handle matters related to contracts, inheritance, property and more.

Criminal Law

We represent and advise in cases involving crimes and misdemeanors.

Insurance and Liability Law

Experts in claims, losses and insurance contracts.

Labor Law and Social Security

Defense and advice on labor and social security matters.

Commercial Law

Specialists in commerce, companies, commercial contracts and more.

Administrative Law

We manage procedures and conflicts with public administrations.


Rely on Minceb Asesores S.L. For consultations and trusted legal representation.

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